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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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andreas at this san francisco hotel for two years between 2008 and 2010. in a much longer conversation he said he wanted to get his son away from andreas, but he asked me to broadcast just that one sentence about it being a shame to let a criminal walk the streets of san francisco. in a statement, the san francisco district attorney wrote yesterday we are very disturbed by the facts of this case and are working with the san francisco police department to secure the evidence necessary to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. we went to vallejo police department to confirm reports that san francisco police had asked vallejo pd to get a missing persons report from the family. while police refused to comment they did inadvertently cop firmnfirm that for us. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that omar was last seen on january 21 and that he took public transportation into
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san francisco. all of us at the police department and the city waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the identity of the body found in that suitcase and the cause of death. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. now to a major change in the weather. the dry spell is about to be over. our satellite radar shows a storm closing in on the bay area. and on the right, our live cameras in san francisco and san jose show the skies starting to transform. robert honda is in the south bay where tree trimmers are trying to get ahead with the storm but begin with chief meet orroll gist jeff ranieri on when the rain will arrive. >> see where the center of the storm system is offshore counterclockwise spin the center of low pressure. that is going to be moving way off to the north not overly focused on that, this massive stream of moisture out here offshore.
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that gets here the next 36 hours, what is going to increase our rainfall. see the satellite radar picture now, a few rain returns offshore but nothing here across the bay area, at least yet. let's go ahead and take you to our main concern now continually coming into focus and in marin, napa sonoma county where a flash flood watch issued thursday evening through friday night. isolated flooding is possible and you want to be on high alert again in the counties here in the north bay. we will show you the expected rainfall. clearly see where the bull's eye is off to the north. area of yellow north of napa might get seven inches. most of the north bay, likely two to four inches and see rainfall yes right on down toward san jose as well. overall friday storm, here are bullet points to remember. the elevated flood rates, american sonoma and napa counties, winds gusty, 15 to 40 miles per hour, take down trees power outages and the roadways after 42 days of no rainfall will be dangerously slick. more on the hour pie hour
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forecast in 15 minutes. much jeff, see you shortly. a while since we have done this, we know the drill, get prepared as was alluding to flooding, power outages and flooding trees. robert honda found some of the businessiest people in the bay area today and robert, those would be the tree trimmers. >> the drought created a situation where people here in san jose as well as in the hills and mountains all face the same hazard falling trees. today, some people are trying to beat nature to the punch. today, ralph and his sop, chris, watched in awe as crews cut large branches off some of the 200-foot fir trees around their property. it is a safety precaution being taken by homeowners here in felton as well as neighborhoods in the south bay in late december saw huge trees fall on power lines, damaging the poles and causing outages. >> they act as big sails. these branches catch the wind and the trees will move 20 feet from side to side.
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and it doesn't seem like that when you're on the ground but they will snap off and fall on the house or damage the road. >> reporter: in san jose and santa clara, human trees came down just from the surging wind. bob of travis tree professionals says the next storm could cause even more damage. >> the wind is the most dangerous. rain, yeah sometimes, if it rains really hard get a little mudslides here and there. a little bit of rain, a little bit of wind beware. >> reporter: sometimes trees can't just be trimmed, they need to be brought down which can be tough for home owners who have group attached to the trees. >> but at the end of the day, i think it does provide a lot more safety. >> reporter: professionals say they are booked solid with jobs the next two days as people prepare for the storms. coming up at 6:00 we will show you how it looks and sounds when a huge tree crashes down.
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robert honda abc 7 news. [ inaudible ] bracing for a downpour, where tomorrow's storm will hit. the rain is badly needed some in marin county are paying repair bills for the december flooding a restaurant has sand bags in place to prevent any possible flooding. >> we save all the bag ss. anything happens, we got to set them up rightly. >> you can track the rain and wind by downloading our nbc bay area app. see the latest forecast for your maybehood as well as realtime radar. the app is free forrism phone ism phone and android users. two more ambulances hit the streets in san francisco, notable because the city has a short am. this is san francisco's 17th and 18th new ambulances since august. last summer the fire department was sharply criticized for slow
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response times. chief joanne hayes white says replace the aiming fleet is challenging. >> i have three boys like birthing a baby to get the ambulances on the street. we are happy. it represents a more efficient model as well as old, tired ambulances that need to be replaced are being replaced. mayor ed lee beefing up plan for a fire department staffing. a 40-person emt training academy set to begin this march. graduates could be working as soon as what i. ambulance and fire engine -- and fire engine response times have improved in recent months. on the peninsula, a sigh of relief in san mateo, our nbc chopper overhead see the activity down below. armed police officers evacuating some of the homes here. officers were afraid a man was a threat to himself and his neighbors. this happened on edna way wheeler in el camino and 92. it took several hours, but police were able to peacefully
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negotiate with that man to surrender. a developing story, the death toll continues to rise tonight after a frightening plane crash in taiwan caught on video. 31 confirmed dead. miraculously, more than a dozen survivors. crews recovered the black boxes to figure out what went wrong. the traps asia plane lost control two minutes after taking off from the capital city of taipei on wednesday morning. dash cam video shows the plane making a sharp turn they were hitting a taxicab and clipping and bridge before plunging into the shallow river. moments before crashing the pay lot called may day may day engine flameout subjecting the plane lost engine power. aviation experts believe the pilot tried to purposely map knewer the plane away from the densely populated apartment buildings. rescuers responded quickly, pulling survivors out, including this 1-year-old toddler. 58 people were on board. 15 survivors. this is the fifth asian airliner to crash just in the past year.
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crews are hoping they will find more survivors in this latest crash. more than a dozen people remain missing tonight. tonight, on nightly news with brian williams tracking the plane's short flight. more on what aviation experts think could have gone wrong, tonight at 5:30. a country filled with emotion and anger. today, demonstrations in the streets of jordan following that bar barish death of a jordanian pilot. crowds gathered in amman demanding more revenge. jordan has already executed two islamicist militants on death row. isis was trying to trade one of those militants for the pilot who was captured in december while on a bombing run over syria. isis released yesterday video of that by lot being burn aid live in a cable. jordan may execute four more islamic radicals and renew air strikes on isis. a first for any u.s. president, a proposal to spend $5 million on an early warping system for earthquakes. this is part of box's budget
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proposal. an early warning system would give cities might have heard of this on the west coast, as much as a minute warning before an earthquake. officials say the extra time would save lives because it would give people extra time to protect themselves. but millions of dollars more in funding is needed. when a big earthquake does hit the bay area our investigative unit found some hospitals will not be ready. investigative reporter joins us now with a preview of tonight's investigation. jenna? >> reporter: after the 1971 earthquake in southern california caused two hospitals to collapse a law was passed to make hospitals safer but we found hospitals across california haven't made changes. state documents reveal a third of a bay area acute care hospitals are at risk of collapsing during the strong earthquake. we are talking about buildings where patients are being cared for and those providing critical support. we sat down with two psych attendants working when thing about what knit tude 6.6 earthquake caused their hospitals to collapse. >> for me it was take care of
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my parents, make sure everybody is safe and then get home and i can go into shock. >> came down with such force that we saw aerial views of it later, you could see small objects lying 20, 30 40 feet around. tonight at 11:00, women show you which bay area hospitals are most at risk of collapsing and why. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit or jenna, give us a call at 888-996-tips or an e-mail to the unit at follow breaking news we told you about at the top of our newscast, in san francisco, a robbery at a tiffny's jewelry store. a chopper overhead at westfield center at market and 5th. new information in the newsroom what happened inside the tiffany's. also -- a woman's body was found in milpitas near the scene of a hit and run accident. police are trying to determine her involvement in the crash. i'm michelle robertson.
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the latest on the investigation. i'm scott budman. it is not just the end of a era it is the demolition of an era. coming up we will take you inside the destruction of candlestick park. then at 6:00, the measles outbreak pushing california to the brink of change. >> the anti-vaccine movement has been around for hundreds of years. the new action that could strip parents of a legal right in the name of public health. that's new at 6:00. coming up, we will take you name of public health.
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investigators say around 3 this aft near some suspects stormed in and ordered everyone to the ground. officials say they are armed with guns and ordered one of the employees to turn over some of the jewelry there. once again, following this breaking news at tiffany's. our chopper overhead at the westfield center on market and fifth. other news milpitas police are investigating a strange hit and run. the driver hit a gar want truck and kept on going. half a mile awake the car was found in flames. the crash happened near the intersection of jacqueline and milpitas boulevard. investigators found the car near the corner of coyote street and redwood avenue. michel roberts is live at the milpitas police department. michelle, police when they got there, they found a woman's bodier in the car. >> reporter: yeah at this point, police have not identified that woman, but they do say that she is in her late teams or early 20s. they believe that she was driving a cadillac when she sbhashed into a garbage truck. this happened in mel pete it is a about 3:30 this morning. no traffic cameras caught the
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incident, nor were there any witnesses, except for the truck driver. police haven't figured out who was at fault in the crash but the woman fled the scene. she drove about a half a mile with major car damage and only three wheels. police first responded to the scene of the hit and run and then followed debris to the second location. that was at able and coyote drive. >> when they showed up there was a small fire in the trunk area of the vehicle which the officers were able to extinguish. >> police say the woman was dead when they arrived and she was like on the ground next to her car. investigators are still trying to answer a lot of questions tonight. they don't know if the woman was alone in the car or whether alcohol played a role. the driver of the truck has not. cited but police do say he is cooperating in the investigation. thank you. starting to come down piece by piece. take a look. candlestick park the scene of
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so many bay area memories is gradually becoming the scene of a whole lot of rubble. scott budman saw the destruction today first happened and joins us now near candlestick and scott, our sky line's gonna change there at candlestick point. >> yeah gonna look a lot different from the freeway pretty soon raj. i will tell you as a life long bay area sports fan, even one who has enjoyed the newer bay area stadiums it is a weird feeling to walk into the stick as it's being torn apart. it's a poignant sight for local sports fans proof the bay area and the billions of us who saw games here have moved on. phase one of the demolition of candlestick park and all this is just setting the stage gore the real big machine. >> going to be a week or two before that equipment is moved and mobilized here on site and then there's a few processes in making sure that, you know, we have the adequate procedures.
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>> reporter: among the memories being ripped out of the stick, lots of seats, turned out they weren't completely sold off after all. it is not complicated but a brutal reminder. >> pretty basic, okay goes up one way, comes down the same way. >> reporter: stadiums like everything else can be replaced. and it will be replaced with aed $200 million mall project featuring house and retail. we will give you a sneak peek into what that ballmall project will look like at 6:00. live outside candlestick park scott budman. >> a cold stone creamery where dwight clark caught the catch. an apartment right there where joe montana made great throws? >> changes to that area and changes to our forecast. lot going on jeff. >> we certainly do the real estate on san francisco and also on the massive real estate out here across pacific. 42 days no rainfall at all and
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now our storm system is getting closer. now, the core of the storm is well offshore and not gonna get anywhere close to the bay area. normally, that would be minimizing our impacts, but we have this major stream of moisture moving in from the south. subtropical moisture warmer storm system and that's gonna allow this rainfall to just continue across the bay area. think it will help to just kind of stall out the activity a big hose pointed at the bay area as we head not what upcoming forecast. right now just high clouds increasing here across the region but the most immediate focus continues to remain here in marin, napa and sonoma counties, you live here you need to be on alert, we will have isolated areas of flooding on the roadways, also at the coast line not advised to head anywhere wheeler in the coast line over the next 36 hours. take you right into the microclimate forecast. you will see for tomorrow, another overcast day partly sunny skies at best but temperatures will begin to cool down a little bit with all of that cloud cover overhead. 66 ex-sbekted in san jose, palo
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alto, also double 6s. for san francisco for the most part, low 60s. now, taking to the north bay east bay and trivalley, differences here for tomorrow, namely in the microclimate of the north bay. that's were napa and santa rosa you will have the highest risk of any kind of shower activity. the east bay it will stay dry here, also the trivalley as well. take you to the rain forecast. now getting some high-resolution forecast data in now, going to be able to pinpoint a little bit better some of the heavier rainfall. and we should say there's fwho major change in the timing of this today. again, increasing our confidence exactly when that heaviest rain is expected. see friday morning at 8 a.m. heaviest zone widespread consistent rain in the north bay, may get a spotty shower down here toward san jose, head throughout the day, gradually, see that heavier rain step to the south by 1:30 across san francisco. keep in mind it is still raining in the north bay at this point. and as we head to the south here eventually by 7:30 san jose expecting some wet weather.
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here is the thing. as we head all the way through 11:30 at night, still expecting wet weather to continue. friday is the strongest day in the forecast with this widespread rainfall and that is where the flooding threat comes in. i really think for saturday we will begin to clear out, the morning house, maybe spotty showers here across the bay area. throughout most of the day we will get a break. as we head throughout sunday's forecast, get that second round of wet weather moving our watch in terms of rainfall totals it is exactly what we have said the past few days stark contrast here. south bay, 1 to 2 inches much the north bay 2 1/2 to maybe 5. right there at the immediate coastline, we could see 5-plus inches. talking about the highest elevations though. now the other thing on top of the rain will be the winds. this could take down some trees and power outages coming out of the south. 15 to about 35 miles per hour, from friday morning, possibly through saturday morning. you have the wind and also the rain we will be dealing with here. the weather trend and again the big storm day is on friday saturday, may have spotty
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showers in the morning, then again, wet weather return on sunday. i'm going to implore you to head to, click on the weather tab, we have an awesome interactive radar, we have got all these tools in the weather center, i was on there a half hour playing with it raj, i think i saw you on the computer playing t >> i'm all over it. i love it. still ahead a live look at the new span of the bay bridge. tonight, a new problem for the eastern span. this time it is not bolster leaks. it has something to do with -- something that may never have known it existed. also, a popular break through in the fight against prest cancer. the vaccine that researchers are developing that could kill off one type that has a high rate of recurrence.
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difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube. they have come a long way from mark zuckerberg's dorm room at harvard. happy birth day facebook. here is what the website first looked like when it launched 11 years ago. zuckerberg and three co-founders started the facebook. it now has more than 1 billion monthly active users and shortened its name to just facebook. they dropped the "the." the menlo park based company
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employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. here we go again, highly you can bliss sized problems with leaks -- publicized problems with leaks, weld a bolts and now the elevator is broke on the eastern span of the bay bridge. you may no the realize there was one. it was a way to get maintenance to the top of the single tower. our chopper got a glimpse of the repair crew looking at the problem today. excessive problems $4 million elevator. no word when it will be if i canned. for the first time lung cancer has passed prest cancer as the leading cancer killer in developed countries. researchers blame smoking, especially by women, in the 1970s. they also believe breast cancer death rates dent wealth down because of early detection and improved treatments. speaking of breast cancer, doctors are testing a vaccine for patients with an, aggressive form of the disease. researchers at the mayo clinic in jacksonville florida, are enrolling women with triple negative breast cancer which has a high rate of recurrence. they hope the vaccine can
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prevent the disease from coming back by killing cancer cells after chemotherapy. triple negative breast cancer accounts for 15 to 20% of all prest cancer cases. back in a moment on our breaking news in san francisco, that tiffany's jewelry store on lockdown. stay with us.
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we have an update on our breaking news in san francisco. an armed robbery at the tiffany's there in the city. the westfield center. investigators say three suspects stormed the store around 3:00
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this afternoon, ordered everyone to the ground and got away with a good amount of jewelry. the store is now closed. our nbc chopper overhead. once again, the tiffany's at the westfield san francisco center on market and 5th. tiny that store is closed but the shopping center remains open at this hour. also tonight, coming up at 6:00, not so fast the new challenge that could keep fois gras off california menus for good. coming up at 6:00. finally at 5:00, a celebration continues for the patriots after their stunning super bowl win. cold weather and snow on the ground could not keep thousands of fans from cheering on their team at today's victory parade crowds cheered as san mate te'o's tom brady and his son made their way down boston's streets to celebrate the team's fourth nfl title. the noise got louder when team owner robert kraft rode by showing off the lombardi throw. if i patriots beat the seahawks on sunday, 28-24. >> wither gonna need a separate parade in redwood city for julian edelman and then san
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mateo gore brady. . come home guys. let's celebrate. thanks for joining us. brian williams is next. >> see you at 6. on our broadcast tonight, tragedy on the tracks. a packed commuter train slams into an suv stuck in its path. the driver was a mother of three, an awful scene. multiple fatalities amid the rush to escape. and tonight the investigation into what happened. also the air disaster caught on camera. a commercial airliner falls out of the sky, clipping a highway overpass before plunging into a river. miraculously there are survivors. a new warning from the head of cdc about the measles outbreak and what leaders in the autism community are telling us about getting vaccines. and held for ransom, a million people have now fallen victim to this. hackers get into your computer then hold your private files hostage then comes the threat to pay up or else. "nightly news" begins now.


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